About SICE

Simulation Center (SICE) at St. Anne´s University Hospital in Brno was founded in 2012 from the initiative of following people:

  • Veronika Svobodová, Director of the Grant Support Centre
  • Václav Zvoníček, Deputy for Intensive care 
  • Jana Zvěřinová, Deputy for Nursing 
  • Implementation team of the educational project “Nurses” 
  • Jitka Blažková, Svatava Kalná and Eva Bazgerová

SICE provides education in the area of communication between medical staff, patients and their relatives, prepares future health professionals for their profession, an gives professional teachers an opportunity to expand their theoretical knowledge and practical skills (Simulation Training of Communication). It also deals with simulations of various situations practically usable in a real life - for example practice of saving human life, cooperation of the Integrated Rescue System (Outdoor simulation).

SICE Premises

The simulation center is located in the St. Anne´s University Hospital in Brno (FNUSA). The center has rooms equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual technology so a simulated situation can be watched not only by participants of training courses, but also by other people interested in this subject.

The exceptional effort from the entire operating team, expertise from the fields of medicine, psychology and pedagogy, cooperation with professional actors, using the knowledge of masking techniques – all of this enable us to turn each simulated situation into a nearly real one which is at the same time completely safe for the participants.

Our Goal

Aim of SICE is to expand awareness about the field of simulation training in medicine and related fields in the Czech Republic.

Our Vision

Using simulation to improve safety, quality of care and education in the helping professions.